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Portable Buildings USA is your local authorized dealer for Graceland Portable Buildings.

Our Graceland Portable Buildings are built at Graceland's Shreveport, Louisiana factory, using skilled "Mennonite Craftsmen" and high quality building materials. This allows Graceland to buy material in bulk and streamline the manufacturing process, allowing us bring to you the highest quality building at the lowest CASH price. Your building is delivered to your location using custom built, drop-back trailers. Graceland's delivery personnel then use a portable hydraulic "Mule" to place the building in the desired position.

Graceland offers both their 36 and 48 month "Rent To Own" and their 60 month "Lease To Own" program on any factory-built, portable building that they build, from an 8'x12' up to a 16'x40'. There is "No Credit Check" and "No Down Payment" required. You just prepay your first two or three rental payments when you order your building, depending on which plan you choose. Your next payment is due around 90 to 120 days after the date your building is delivered. You can buy it for the low cash price at any time. With every rental payment you make, a percentage of that payment comes off the cash price. You can pay it off at any time without penalty or make the required number of payments and the building is yours. Call us for full details.

Because we offer so many different building types, sizes, and options, a brief consultation is necessary before a price can be quoted. Rest assured that the prices are set by the factory and are the lowest that we can offer.

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