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• Graceland uses only the finest building materials. Our buildings are manufactured with skilled Mennonite craftsmanship (the finest in the business).

• Graceland buildings are built on 4x6" pressure treated runners. The runners are notched 1", and then a 2x6" (not 2x4") pressure treated floor joist is dropped into that notch. A metal Simpson clip holds the floor joist down in place. It is not stapled or toe nailed on like some of our competition.

• The pressure treated floor joists are spaced 16" on center which gives the floor more support and strength. The floor system is 5/8" pressure treated plywood (compare to our competition at 3/16" or 1/2").

• The 2x6" floor joist is capped with a 2x6" at the ends, and is secured with a metal hurricane clip.

• The walls are built with 2x4" studs, 16" on center which makes our buildings much more sturdy than our competitors buildings which are mostly built on 24" centers. The studs are doubled every 4' where the T-111 pressure treated siding comes together. This is done so each exterior piece of siding is nailed to its own 2" x 4" stud, giving the wall more strength.

• The top rail is a double 2x4" header with a metal hurricane clip securing the roof truss to the header. The metal roof is screwed down to a wood backer that has been nailed down to the truss system. This makes the roof much more durable and stronger.

• Graceland buildings come with our patented "Continuous Soffit" vent under each eave. This is a "Graceland Exclusive". This keeps our buildings 10-15 degrees cooler in the summer. The ventilation helps keep the humidity lower in the building.

• Graceland's metal roof also comes with a continuous roof vent running the full length of the building, designed with a screen to keep out pests (bugs, bees, etc.)

• Graceland uses hot dipped galvanized ring shank nails. They hold like screws and will not rust.

• All pressure treated wood products come with a limited lifetime manufactures warranty against termites and decay. The roof comes with a 25 year manufactures warranty. Graceland also warranties its workmanship for three years.

• All Graceland buildings meet FEMAs 2008,150 MPH wind speed rating. They also are built to 2009 international building codes.
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